Recently, Fuzion was invited to pay a visit to one of our oldest clients, Fit & Fresh of Providence, RI. Fit & Fresh, formerly Medport LLC, started out making cases for diabetics to keep associated paraphernalia conveniently in one place. It has since evolved into a company built around a hugely successful healthy lifestyle brand, with stay-cold food containers and insulated lunch bags for every occasion and taste.

Since Fuzion’s launch in 2008, we have worked closely with Chuck Miga, Executive VP and his team at Fit & Fresh on various branding projects and designing new products, patterns and packaging.

The reason for our visit to Fit & Fresh was two-fold, one to meet and introduce ourselves to the growing staff and second, to share our presentation on “How Millennials Are Changing Brands.” The presentation was attended by the sales, marketing, design, and product development teams, and was presented by Esther Tseng, Fuzion’s Associate Creative Director. Avoiding the inevitable Death by Power Point, Esther gave a very condensed version of the months of research, designs, and surveys that led us to finding the voice for our new brand and how millennial buying habits shaped it. It was followed by a brief question and answer period.

If your interested in having Fuzion present ”How Millennials Are Changing Brands” to your team, Please contact Wayne or Esther at: wayne@fuziondesign.com or esther@fuziondesign.com. If you’re not local, we would be happy to present Via GoToMeeting.