Written by Fuzion President Wayne Blatchley


We love these creepy vintage Valentine’s cards! Talk about how times have changed. Just doing a quick search on Google revealed some vintage cards that make you scratch you head and say what the hell were they thinking? Some are just creepy enough to make your skin crawl. Like boiling your Sweetheart so you can eat her up. Or maybe the prepubescent Pennywise the clown from IT! JC, no wonder people get freaked out by clowns. I can’t help but think of our designer Amy, who is a vegetarian, and the ever-so-cute calf “veal so happy” as a farm boy licks his lips in the background (ok maybe he’s just standing with his hands in his pockets). What’s up with the ultra creepy guy in the cape? He must have escaped from DC Comics vault of really BAD superhero ideas, “RAY MAN.”

Well hopefully you won’t receive anything quite as creepy as any of these maudlin cards for Valentine’s Day. But if you have designs on some new branding or perhaps would “love” a new website, give Fuzion a call and we can make a date! And if you still haven’t gone out and gotten a valentine for that special someone, we’ve got you covered! Download our designer-themed valentines here!