Americans have become aware of the huge impact of sleep on overall health. We are starting to view our mattresses and bedding as an investment to our own wellbeing, and are now willing to pay a premium for them. In 2016, bedding became the most purchased home goods product and the internet became inundated with new mattresses and bedding brands selling directly to consumers. With so many companies vying for the attention of consumers, how does anyone set themselves apart from their competitors? That’s the exact question Infinity, a bedding manufacturer, was trying to answer.

This is where we come in. Like all of our projects, we began with research. We headed to the world wide web and out to local retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond, Cardi’s, and Jordan’s to see how other brands were presenting themselves to the public. Typical competitive packaging featured lifestyle photography, an abundance of copy, and confusing diagrams. Identifying key areas that would evoke an upscale modern look, we reduced verbiage to simple bullet points, added icons, and chose a striking black and white palette. The new branding featured dramatic graphic elements, high-end product photography, and a conscious decision to put the typical model shot to bed. Although E-Sales were crucial to the brand, we didn’t skimp on the retail details, adding tasteful silver foil accents for a luxurious pop at the brick and mortars. And the cherry on the top? We added a convenient carry handle for these somewhat bulky products. Another award-winning design in the bag, or should we say, “in the box”?