If you have been keeping up with the Fuze, you might recall last months preview of the Esko CAD Cutting table we were about to receive. Well it has finally arrived! After a little struggle removing doors that weren’t intended to be removed, we (and a team of riggers) managed to get of all of the humongous crates inside and unpacked. With all the empty crates and wrappings, assembly of the table and many anxious faces, it was like Christmas morning at Fuzion. Check out the time-lapse video that condensed the 3+ hour process to 23 seconds.

Over the next day and a half, the technician from Esko constructed the table and had it up and running. We were all excited at the prospect of being able to cut out package mockups in minutes, rather than hand cutting them over hours. Next, training ensued and we are proud to announce that we graduated with flying colors. Multiples of package mock-ups will no longer result in sore fingers!

Need a package mock-up, 50 hangtags, or perhaps a display? We can handle innumerous substrates, e-flute, b-flute, SBS… you name it!

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